HID® Aero™ Controllers

The HID Aero Controller product line provides a complete and fully functional hardware, firmware, software library and tool infrastructure accompanied by an API integration package for access control software providers.

This product line is ideal for access control providers who do not want to incur the ongoing costs of designing, manufacturing and maintaining panel hardware along with the critical access control logic that commonly resides locally in access control panels.

The HID Aero Controller product line is the successor to HID’s VertX® Controllers and is based on HID Mercury panel technology, supporting 4 million+ panels installed globally since the 1990s.

Key Features

  • Open Architecture – The ability to work with a variety of software partners over time without any re-investment in hardware
  • Highly Durable and Reliable – Trusted hardware designed to operate in the most demanding access control environments
  • Futureproof Platform – Highly configurable and ready to grow to meet future needs
  • Based on Mercury Technology – Built on a proven platform, leveraging the expertise gained from over 25 years serving large enterprise customer needs
필터링 결과 ::
Output control interface module — controlling up to twelve general purpose outputs
출력 제어 인터페이스 모듈 – 최대 12개의 범용 출력 지원
HID Aero X1100 intelligent controller – supporting up to 2 doors locally and 64 readers in total using expansion IO modules
지능형 컨트롤러 – 확장 IO 모듈을 사용해 최대 2개의 도어 로컬 지원 및 총 64개의 리더기 지원
HID Aero X200 Input Monitor Interface Module - Support for Up To 16 General Purpose Inputs
입력 모니터 인터페이스 모듈 – 최대 16개의 범용 입력 지원
HID Aero X100 Door/Reader Interface Module – support for up to 2 doors
도어/리더기 인터페이스 모듈 – 최대 2개 도어 지원
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