Angola National ID Card

counterfeit-resistant id cards to a widely dispersed population.

HID Global


The Republic of Angola faced the challenge of providing counterfeit-resistant proof of identity to a large and widely dispersed population, and implemented a nationwide program that addressed this complex need. The solution included a mobile card issuance system that could reach all citizens, even in the most remote rural areas. At the core of the program is HID Global’s leading technology with advanced card design, its LaserCard® optical security media technology, visual security features, and professional services support.

The Counterfeiting Problem

In the mid 2000’s, Angola began its search for a replacement for its paper-based citizen ID document. The use of false documents and ID theft exposed the nation to increased security concerns at a time when its new democratic government was being established and global insecurity was on the rise. The government’s vision was to provide one legal identity per person as a cornerstone of citizenship. The card is designed for additional functions including proof of the right to vote, and for future access to multiple government services.

Supporting a Remote Population

To meet the needs of Angola’s widely dispersed and predominantly rural population, the government needed a solution that would allow for distributed data capture and issuance.

Multiple Requirements

The new ID system had to meet multiple criteria: it had to match individuals to their biometrics, safeguard personal data, and store substantial amounts of information directly on the card, including two fingerprint biometrics and images, a birth certificate and demographic data. The absence of any communications infrastructure required the ability to instantly read the card’s data without access to a network; I also required modular and mobile data collection and card personalization systems. Delivering on these goals required the deployment of the most counterfeit-resistant document possible that included secure portable data storage and strong visual security attributes.

Card Issuance Service and Support

HID Global delivered a decentralized card personalization solution that was deployed via approximately 60 fixed and mobile personalization centers throughout the country. Additionally, the HID Professional Services group worked directly with local solution provider DGM Sistemas LDA to establish a Luanda-based center for ongoing technology service and support.


Important Features for Today’s Reality

  • Counterfeit Resistance: The optical media data recording process is physically irreversible, additionally safeguarded by the tamper-proof “Personalized Embedded Hologram.”
  • High Data Capacity: 1.6 megabyte optical media provides sufficient capacity for all required demographic and biometric information.
  • Durability: The laminated construction meets stringent durability requirements, supporting a 10-year card life cycle.
  • Low Cost Solution: Advanced technology, durability of construction, data capacity, and application flexibility deliver maximum return on investment.
  • Speed of Use: In just a few seconds, all card information can be read.
  • Easy to Update: New biometrics or personal data can securely be added by authorized personnel to help prevent obsolescence and fraud.

Meeting Today’s Security Imperatives

Angola’s national ID card contains state-of-the-art high resolution and multi-color security offset printing, including covert features and special links. The card also features optical security media, a highly secure, machine-readable technology.

The Value of Teamwork and Ongoing Support

From the start, HID Global worked closely with the government of Angola and its contractors to fulfill the nation’s vision for a sophisticated ID program that meets the on-the-ground realities of its population, climate and security challenges. The close collaboration paves the way for a well-managed and effective system with stable and reliable card issuance. HID Global continues to provide the program’s operators and service technicians with operational and technical support.