Three years left and counting


With three years remaining before the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in London I recently attended an event with LOCOG (The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games) for an update on plans.

Not only will sporting records be broken and history made, the Games will be made up of an extraordinary collection of buildings and unique sporting venues, which I can assure you that people all over the country will be proud to see London and the U.K. at the centre of the sporting world come 2012.

The organizers are engaging heavily with venue owners, local authorities, delivery partners, suppliers, contractors and stakeholders to ensure they deliver a spectacular, safe event within a clear, achievable timeframe - it sounds exciting already doesn’t it!

Olympic Stadium

There will be around 7,000 direct contracts awarded, which together with suppliers will form supply chains of around 75,000 opportunities. These range from construction, engineering and manufacturing to creative, merchandising and retail. Most of the opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are likely to come from further down the supply chains. That is where, HID Global is hopeful of securing business.

Provisions have been made for more than 20,000 media representatives, preparation to accommodate 17,000 athletes and officials from more than 200 nations, who will settle into the Olympic Village. Over 70,000 volunteers will be trained and almost 10 million tickets are expected to be sold.

The impact that the London 2012 is having in the marketplace is momentous and the assigned HID “Olympic Team” are working hard to ensure HID plays a vital part as we attempt to leave no stone unturned and focus on new avenues for our greater involvement with many of our strategic partners, sister companies, influential people and organizations that have experience in these environments.

At this time, the Team is progressing at a steady pace on ensuring that our state-of-the-art readers are installed on walls, secure credentials are issued to many athletes, staff, contractors and volunteers, networked access products are hidden in cupboards, software is loaded onto PC’s, and card printers are on desks. Who knows - we might be able to deliver “newer” innovative products too. We’ll have to see what’s around the corner.

Olympic Stadium

As the Team begins to increase momentum, push every boundary and raise their game, I would like to start by reaching out for feedback in respect to individual success stories in this space (or similar environments) so we can strengthen our value proposition and provide customer value so that London 2012 will be both memorable and rewarding for HID.

I thank you in advance for getting behind your HID “Olympic Team”.