Success Begins Behind the Scenes


Trade shows, product launches and technology announcements make headlines. But behind the scenes, there is lots of hard work that often goes unnoticed.

Last week, HID Global took another step forward in making things more efficient for Product Marketing Managers, Product Line Managers, Marcom Managers, Engineers and Project Managers by launching an internal product development site that links departments, people and projects together.

After six months of research on what was working with existing Product Marketing processes, improvement areas were identified and we launched a new site where all product development teams can collaborate. Our approach allowed us to connect disparate Product Marketing and Engineering sites around the globe, along with the Marcom and Project Management teams who help drive the success of new product introductions. This initiative was a key part of a larger plan to ensure market success and support innovation. For example, a new custom product opportunity intake system will be launching soon that will build on this new site to help improve decision-making and ensure positive outcomes for customers.

By managing our work better internally, externally our customers benefit. Since this automation and other engines planned for the future will be used by development teams around the world, leaders will be able to see trends in customer needs and be able to prioritize projects accordingly. Plus, with employees in time zones around the world, we can ensure continuity of work regardless of the project. Also, this centralization of new product introduction information will make it easier for new team members to get up to speed on what’s going on as we grow.

And that’s our ultimate goal. To grow as a global company, we must continually meet the needs of customers by developing insanely great products, services and solutions for the delivery of secure identity. When you see new products emerge from HID Global in the future, remember that a lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes with smart people using effective processes and really great tools.