HID Global logical access control team ready for HIMSS & RSA 2010


This week, the HID Global logical access control (LACS) team is demonstrating at HIMSS in Atlanta, GA and RSA in San Francisco, CA,. These shows are arguably the top shows in North America for Healthcare IT and IT Security, respectively.

I'll be attending both events and I am excited to discuss the future of access control and strong authentication with other leaders within the industry.

At HIMSS, I anticipate significant buzz about the HIGH TECH Act and the deadline which just recently passed. The Healthcare provider market typically requires systems to be both secure and convenient. Yet traditionally, security and convenience have sat at opposite sides of that spectrum. While it's relatively simple to create a secure system, if it's not user friendly, clinicians and physicians will find a way to bypass it. Interestingly enough, HID has always been positioned at the intersection of security and convenience.

HID has made it easy for companies and healthcare facilities to secure their buildings and has made it convenient for the end-user to unlock doors. As more and more HID badges are used to access PCs and networks, I'm curious to understand the drivers behind this move. Are end-users using our products because HID makes it easy to access their systems? Or is the main driver the fact that the employer can enforce a secure two-factor authentication for PC and network access? I'll be asking this question at both HIMSS and RSA during the week, and while I believe those attending HIMSS will say that convenience is the primary driver, I expect to get a different answer at RSA, where IT security will be discussed ad nauseam.

I’d like your input: What do you think is the primary driver for using an HID badge for both network authentication and physical access? Please respond to our quick poll below.

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If you're attending either show, be sure to swing by our booth and give us your opinion. I hope to see you there.

HIMSS - HID Global Booth #9115
RSA - HID Global Booth #2317