HID Global: Capitalizing on the Growing Government ID Market


Among the most pressing concerns of governments around the world today are increasing the security and improving the efficiency of their ID programs.

These concerns have spawned a new breed of national identity credential: documents that not only represent the visible form of complex, interrelated identification systems, but that are also the platform for service delivery and for leveraging future technology innovations.

With advanced ID credentials now playing a key role in helping governments protect their citizens and borders, systems integration has never been more important. Each component of any government ID program -- from card design and data capture to enrollment and issuance -- is inextricably interlinked; therefore, the quality and interoperability of each of these components is vital to the integrity of the entire government-to-citizen ID program ecosystem.

Delivering such a genuinely integrated program is both a critical element as well as one of the major challenges facing government ID programs today. Coupled with the exponential growth forecasted for the government ID solutions market, this challenge also presents a significant growth opportunity for HID Global. And our acquisition of LaserCard in 2011 enables HID to offer a complete portfolio of integrated products, solutions and services, capturing an even larger slice of the end-to-end government-to-citizen ID projects that are on the rise.

At the same time, HID Global is driving the market's transition from single-function, single technology ID credentials to the more sophisticated multi-technology, multi-purpose authentication documents that are growing in demand. Take Italy's Carabinieri (National Police) card, used for building entry, health and other services, or the Saudi Arabia national ID card, which can accommodate border crossing, banking and access to government services. HID Global's technology is at the core of both of these programs, brought to us through our LaserCard acquisition.

Looking ahead, our integrated Government ID Solutions portfolio uniquely positions HID Global to be the number one provider for a majority of future government-to-citizen ID projects for e-passport, national ID, foreign resident, worker ID, healthcare ID, vehicle registration and other programs around the world.

Already, HID Global participates in major government ID projects in over 28 countries worldwide. Do you have a German National ID card or an Italian Citizen ID card? How about a U.S. Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)? Did you know they contain HID Global technology?