Posted: 01/27/14

As 2014 is well underway, there are a handful of core trends that I believe will have the greatest impact on the secure identity industry this year.  These trends include:

The industry is quickly moving beyond static, proprietary access control architectures to more secure, open and adaptable solutions that support the customers’ desire for new products and technologies that...

Posted: 01/29/13

Last week, I discussed a handful of trends that I believe are at the core of understanding how access control products and solutions will be used in 2013.

This week I'd like to share some of the additional drivers that I believe will significantly influence how end-users, enterprises and government organizations will implement security identity solutions. These are:


Posted: 01/22/13

Looking into 2013, there are a number of trends that I believe will impact the direction of the market and how organizations will create, use manage secure identities. Some of the trends I am seeing unfold this year include:

Users are seeking a more “frictionless” security experience, with solutions that are built on open standards to ensure interoperability, adaptability, and...

Posted: 04/16/12

Last week, we talked about the focus and interest around mobile access we saw at ISC West 2012 as the technology is indeed a hot topic among customers and partners.

Now we are also starting to see a growing interest in the industry's desire for more details around the core elements needed to actually move forward with implementing successful mobile access control systems. This is where...