September 2012


In addition to being able to get an amazing Philly cheese steak at ASIS International 2012 in Philadelphia, this year it became more apparent than ever that smartphones with NFC capabilities are definitely on their way to changing the future of access control.

But before telling you about HID Global's ASIS end user panel that featured the industry's first enterprise pilots of NFC mobile access being lead by some the most innovative companies, let me step back to say that from the moment the tradeshow floor opened, our booth was also swarming with excitement and interest around our new products and services related to mobile access that launched at the show.

First, there was the new HID Secure Identity Services for credential provisioning and management in the cloud or over-the-air, from traditional card badges to NFC-enabled smartphones, that provides a 'one-stop shop' for creating, using and managing identities. Starting with the first commercial availability of BlackBerry smartphones that open doors in the enterprise, our expanded mobile credential provisioning and management offering proved to be particularly interesting to customers and partners visiting the booth whose main questions where around how to get up to speed on using the HID Secure Identity Services portal.

But then our new iCLASS Seos credential for increased security, privacy and portability (the latest addition to our seven-time award-winning iCLASS SE platform) stole the spotlight by winning this year's ASIS Accolades - Security's Best Award for its breakthrough, state-of-the-art credential innovation that delivers the highest levels of security and privacy while being portable to NFC smartphones.

At the same time we were on stage accepting the Accolades award, our president and CEO Denis Hébert was hosting an ASIS panel discussion for end users to hear first-hand about how Equifax, Good Technology and Netflix are working with us on their product plans, pilots and deployments of HID Global's mobile access control solutions.

Panel attendees were able to learn about turning smartphones into secure credentials, real deployments and the lessons learned directly from these leading companies, and how mobile access control is transforming the enterprise by enabling smartphones to open doors and access computer networks. It was a great event because the panelists also discussed their deployment challenges and successful results, providing attendees a total picture of what it takes to implement a mobile access control system and its benefits to the enterprise.

There's much more to share regarding our ASIS end user panel this year, so make sure to stay tuned for further details that are coming soon.

In the meantime, I would like to thank everyone who attended ASIS. Our events are only as successful for HID Global as the number of customers and partners we have the opportunity to spend time with to understand how our products, solutions and services are helping your organizations...and what we can do to continually enhance your experience.

I look forward to seeing you at the next show.

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As we are well into our second half of 2012, it is interesting to look at how HID Global continues to experience growth in EMEA. I would suggest that in addition to our global reach and our trusted brand, it is our ability to quickly adapt and respond to a rapidly changing economic and business landscape in the region, and our award-winning products have equally been important factors contributing towards our continued success.

Finding the sweet spot between delivering trusted products, solutions and services and effectively meeting the needs of our end users’ needs keeps HID Global ahead of the game.

I’ll give you an example. For end users in EMEA, there is a trend to view security from a process or procedure-based perspective – where the delivery of secure identity is the ultimate need – but it’s not enough to simply just talk about security and products. We must forecast future trends and needs and keep a consistent eye on adding value for our channel partners.

In our case, this has helped us to anticipate and deliver solutions for enabling companies to maximise their investments – and their security performance – by providing a broader spectrum of secure identity solutions, which can easily (and affordably) be migrated or converged.

This includes traditional physical security solutions such as card issuance and key management, RFID and the convergence of contactless solutions for door locks. But we haven’t stopped there. We also provide identity assurance including credential management solutions, as well as solutions that leverage NFC technology which is a main driver for looking at how to use smartphones for more applications, such as physical access control and more.  For example, our iCLASS SE access control platform helps organisations take full advantage of using NFC smartphones for mobile access control. 

Our success and performance in EMEA, however, is also due to our impressive raft of Advantage HID Channel Partners whom we deeply value and continually seek to provide relevant tools that help drive their success.  Working with top-of-their-game partners also helps us stay finely tuned to the needs in EMEA to provide the highest calibre of products, solutions and services in the market.